Monday, November 05, 2007


I definately need an update, but don't really have the time...Things are close to being ready. A few more tablecloths need to be assembled. I think I have the secret down for the 90" diameter cultural hall tablecloth. I never really thought I'd have to know how to make these, they rent fairly easily, but somehow the right colors and fabrics weren't available to rent so here I am, 18 tablecloths later. With each seam I plot my sweet revenge 25 years from now... I've heard Wednesday will be wedding favor assembly night. And then I think I need to go digging through my "Jennifer Box" in the upstairs hallway closet for pictures from her life. After that, I think people will start arriving - let the party begin.

As I dig through the "Jennifer Box" I need to look for some pictures from 4 years ago. Rebekah swears that Jennifer didn't play softball at Bonanza, I am sure she did, and I have the pictures to prove it. Bekah played for Durango, and I know I have a picture of the two schools/girls playing against each other. Jenn should use one of her softball pictures in the display - for as prim and proper and girly as she is, she was always head to toe filthy dirty when she played.

Scott will be whining for some attention in the blog soon, I just know it. He's doing great. He's totally involved in the North Star singles ward. Last night it was CES Fireside, mission prep class, cereal pot luck and ward prayer. Tonight was school, then FHE. His friends are starting to get mission calls. Scott spent Sunday dinner trying to talk Jenn into doing his laundry. He thinks since I've been busy doing her wedding, she should do his laundry. Perfect Scott logic.

Rebekah has had some opportunities to sign interpret for different organizations and is getting very good. She has a seriously heavy school load, so we see her when we can (Mon. and Wed. afternoons, and some Friday or Saturday nights.)

Since Drew was born I thought it would be so cool to have him open my front door and run in calling for grandma. Well, that time is here - and it is a cool thing to hear. The next sound I'm waiting for is the sound of little girl church shoes running in.

Kara has a nice blog with lots of pictures of Hallie. I'm so glad with them living in Tucson that we can keep up with their activitites and especially pictures. Brad and Kara were here to go to the temple with Jenn last week, and they'll be back in 12 days as well. I've had the family together quite a bit lately, exciting times.

That's the latest and greatest from our house.


Jill Johnson said...

Hey if you need help, just call. Her invites are so nice!!!

Jason & D'On Marx said...

I definitely don't envy you with all the wedding work you have to do still. Those were stressful days! But, it sounds like things are going well.

Jennie Z said...

Sounds like you are the busy mother of the bride! Congratulations! It is fun to hear what your family is up to. I didn't know Kara had a baby- I'll have to check out her blog too! Keep in touch.
Jennie Zabriskie

Jenn Marx said...

Thanks mom for everything you do! You're the greatest! And I love you!