Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well folks, I have now written my 2nd Letterto the Editor of my whole life. 

The first one was to Merridian Magazine.  Years ago when Senator Reid became Senate Majority Leader, they ran a glowing article on how great it was to have someone that had LDS values and beliefs in this office.  I had the letter written before I even realized it.  

They never responded to my opinion.  But they also have never written another glowing article on his nonLDS-values voting record.  I'd like to think my letter had something to do with that.

I've always subscribed to the Church News.  Then a while back, it started coming with another section called Mormon Times.  I didn't ask for this publication, it just showed up.  I've glanced thru it with my Church News.

Last week I was dumbfounded and amazed to see the name of the Church misspelled on the front page.  I set the issue aside deciding to write the editor. Today I finally sent off that email.  I received a quick reply!


I was disappointed to see the glaring error on page 1 of your February 12, 2011 issue. As writers for a paper called Mormon Times, Ms. Moreton and Ms. Morrill should know how to correctly capitalized the name of the Church.

Kim Marx


I assume you are referring to the capital "Day" in what should be "Latter-day Saints." You are absolutely right, and we apologize for the error.

Perhaps I should catapult this new-found Letter to the Editor success into responding to substantial issues misrepresented in the media today.