Monday, October 04, 2010

Hallie loves reading about and dressing up like Fancy Nancy. She has a lot of her books. Hallie decided in celebration of her three years of life, a soiree (that's french and fancy for party) was in order.

Her mother made her a brand new tutu for this day and she got her very own birthday tiara (that's fancy for Crown that the Princess wears)

As the hostess (that's fancy for girl that's having the party) she welcolmed all of her guests.
Hallie's friends all adored their accessories (that's fancy for extra stuff). They were even allowed to keep them as a souvenir (that's fancy for something that reminds you of a special place).

The buffett (that's fancy for table with all of the food on it) was all kids finger foods. Her mother even made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches fancy by putting pretty toothpicks on them. Bagel Bites, grapes, cheetos, all the food that boys and girls enjoy.

For the story about Fancy Nancy and Butterflies, Hallie decided to dress-down (that's fancy for dressing more comfortably).
Hallie's mother even made a fun game. It was called "Pin the Cherry on the Sundae" Hallie was thrilled her mother called the game this because pin the cherry on the sundae sounds so much fancier than pin the cherry on the bowl ice cream.
"Ohh-la-la" (that's french for Look, how wonderful). The mom's of all of Hallie's friends had fun at the party, too.

Hallie's friends were so creative and fancy making their butterflies.

Thank You for inviting me to your soiree, Hallie.
Happy Birthday, you are gorgeous (which is fancy for more beautiful than beautiful).