Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saturday's Goal:

Keep these pants free of paint.

They're one of my favorite pair - because they're D.A.R.K. they're the pair of choice today because they're C.L.E.A.N. Note to self: be careful. As I take the picture I examine a little closer. They also look S.H.O.R.T. I have some pairs that are average, some that are talls. I think I should stick to the talls from now on.

Ron left early to move equipment around. It's cool, cloudy, and I'm really having a hard time talking myself into getting up and out of the house. It's painting Jenn's nursery room day.

I'm going to need a breakfast drink. As I leave del taco this song comes on:

So old-school Jenn.

Sugar, caffeine, and loud music - I'm ready to get started now.

Sneak Peak. I'll let Jenn post the finished room pictures. And this picture does not do justice to the hugeness that is now Jenn. Give her a few moments she'll let you know how she can't breathe, can't sleep, can't bend over, he's kicking her sore....

We painted the dresser and the bedroom. It took all day.

I'm so bad at achieving goals.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The National Family Holiday
a.k.a. Kim's birthday

The kids did a great job thinking of how to celebrate my birthday. We started with dinner at Dick's. I had heard this was a fun restaurant where the waiters were rude. Um, yes, they're rude, but also kind of on the raunchy side. So....I was glad we got there early in the evening (less than half the tables were full when we got there) and had kids with us. . .I think it tamed things down a bit. By the time we left they were getting louder and busier. I had mentioned several months ago I wanted to eat there, and my kids remembered and they planned stop #1 on the National Family Holiday Tour at this restaurant.

This is Charlie's hat. It says, "High Maintenance Princess in Training." If you notice in picture #1 the table behind us was full of elderly patrons. And if you can enlarge picture #2 at all, this old man wore this hat loud and proud all through dinner. I kept staring at it and wondering if the fragile woman sitting across from him had any idea what he was wearing. It just kind of surprised me he kept it on.

Stop #2 on the National Family Holiday Tour was Chuckie Cheese! I love to play skee ball. So we played arcade games.

This is the only good picture of Drew, he runs from game to game in this place making all other pictures a blur.

Charlie enjoyed all the games. whether she knew what she was doing or not.

Skee ball competition. Even with Rebekah removing her stillettoes, she could not pull off a high score.


Matt & I decided we would compete best of three on this pinball game.

Matt's highest score.

My highest score.

Ron stepping up to the plate

One coin. Played forever. Totally smoked our scores. He's a pinball wizard.

Cashing in the tickets. The final total was around 360 tickets. Drew and Charlie cashed in on 3 tootsie rolls, 1 play microphone, 1 annoying little gun with lights and noises, 2 crazy straws, and 2 bracelets.
I cashed in on a cute pair of shoes, a new purse, and paper white flowers. A wonderful evening - Thanks kids.

Monday, January 04, 2010

This is the kitchen table light we inherited with the house.

It was tied up and held together with a cable tv cord.

During breakfast, I decided this was my last morning staring at open electrical sockets and bare wires.
15 minutes to dissasemble.
One trip to Lowes.
15 minutes spray painting on the back patio.
6 hours drying time.
15 minutes reassembling.


We had dinner under this light.