Sunday, June 06, 2010

Party at the Marxes!!!

We had a Brazilian BBQ for Scott's homecoming. Family and friends were invited. We served rice, beans, pork barbacoa, kind of a Cafe Rio style dinner.
The girls helped me for two weeks before this to make paper chains and pinwheels in the colors of the Brazilian flag.

The dessert table, and Jenn and Ashley with the new babies.

We set the food up in the front courtyard, and it left more space inside for everyone to gather and eat.

Scott mingled and did his best to remember English. During the first couple of days back, every now and then you'd glance over at him and he would just have that far away stare. I knew he was thinking about being there instead of here.
So many of Scott's cousins came, it was great for him to see everyone and catch up.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Elder Marx's Homecoming

On June 3rd, Scotty returned.

Here's his nieces and nephew holding up signs waiting for him. Drew remembered Scotty, but the girls were just over a year when he left, they had grown up a lot while he was gone.
Scott was looking overwhelmed in the airport. He was glad to see us all, and couldn't hardly remember how to say things in English.

Brad and Kara came up from San Diego. I was so glad to see them too. It's tough for them to get away, Kara works weekends so Brad can stay with Hallie, Brad had just finished up finals for his semester so he had some time during the week.

Another pair of worn-out missionary shoes for my collection.

Ashley mentioned our non-huggedness here. Kara wrote about the homecoming as well, here. And here's Jenn's version of the story.

Here is Scott with the next in line to be a missionary in our family, Drew. He still needs to grow a foot or two, but I'm sure on that day when his parents send him off, we'll all think the time has just flown by.
Whoo-hooo! This part of mom-duty is done. No more Tuesday night emails, no more holiday phone calls, no more worrying about them, just enjoying the kids and their lives. Kind of like closing out that chapter.
If you get a chance to talk to Scotty, he loves to speak Portuguese, or talk about the greatness of missionary work, or the greatness of Brazil, or how big all the cars and roads are here. He has some interesting stories.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

JUNE 3, 2010


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Andrew graduated from kindergarten. There was a lovely program that all the kindergarten the classes did. I'm glad I get to tag along and watch these things.
All of the children entered in singing a song. They then each went up to a microphone and gave their name and what they'd like to do when they grow up. At first I thought this would take forever, but it actually was very entertaining. Drew always mentions he wants to be a "cooker at McDonalds" which kind of makes us chuckle, where in the world do they come up with this stuff? When it was his turn he said he wanted to be a chef. I think he should start preparing for that by cleaning up Sunday dinner dishes every week. I'll help him realize his dreams and give him time in the kitchen.