Monday, October 27, 2008

I hope this happens...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

12:23 p.m.
(4:23 p.m. - Brazilian time)

hey mom i know you look forward to my letters as much as i look forword to yours but today was zone pday and not much time to write but im alive i love you and the family and we should have baptizm this week the work is great

i love you and the letter next week will be better
8:03 a.m.

aka Oh, Scotty where art thou?

IT happened. For the first time in 19 weeks it happened.

It's P-day. But I.....forgot. Well, I didn't really forget, but for the first time since June 11th, I just got up and started my day as normal. Then I looked up at the clock, it was 8:03. That's when the panic hit me. It's WEDNESDAY. I've missed Scott's email.

I hurried to the computer. 17 messages were downloading. Out of the 17, 1 from RS pres, 2 from meridian magazine, 14 things I'll delete because I'm not interested in perscriptions, shopping at Kohls, JC Penneys, current catelogue, pottery barn, williams-sanoma, or any of the other various stores that email me. (they are all trying ever so hard for my holiday dollars, which is looking more like holiday cents, but that's another post)


What? I spent a few minutes of panic and guilt because I didn't wake up at 6 a.m. and come running to the computer to find his email and NOTHING?

That's o.k. It could be interviews, conferences, obscure brazilian holiday, the laundry is taking a little longer today, who knows.

Here's to both of our new normals. I'm not gut-wrenchingly miserable, clinging to every tick of the clock. He's busy and will write when he can.

Don't worry, I'm not a heartless mom. I bought him a pocket hymnal yesterday for Christmas, and when I looked down at the gold print that spelled Elder Marx, I cried.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Let me start this post with a LITTLE explanation. July 1st I'm driving along and the A/C goes out in the truck. Not good. Ron being the handy guy that he is figured out that it was the blower unit, the condenser was still making cold air, it just wasn't blowing through the vents. He ordered the part, and in the parking lot at Wahweap Marina he put in the new blower. BUT then there was a slight problem...the new blower was blowing very cold air, but all of a sudden there was no power windows or radio. We've replaced all of the fuses, big fuse breaker things, we've tried everything. Electrical problems are not Ron's forte. He thought, hey, you've got cold air, small price to pay not to have windows or radio.

I thought I would never survive. I LOVE listening to the radio, flipping through the stations, and listening to CDs. After a while I started driving around with my iPod. Two problems with this. I can't see very well, so if I'm driving, I can't manage to change any songs. AND I haven't uploaded much in the last year, so all my songs and playlists are old.

This all explains why I haven't hardly heard anything on the radio for the last 3 1/2 months.

Today I needed to run an errand after Ron got home. As I'm leaving he offers his truck, "It has a radio..." So I took his keys. As I turned from Jones on to 215, they were talking about how J.T. was going to 'retire' I'm Bringing Sexy Back. You've got to be kidding me. I was going to blog about this mistake of his. Who does he think he is? Would you go to a concert and not expect to hear Celine Dion sing My Heart Will Go On, or the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations. What about Journey w/out playing....wait, Journey doesn't tour with Steve Perry...not even worth going to see them. What about Usher - You'd never go to an Usher concert and not expect to hear Yeah. What does J.T. think he's doing? He's not in their league. Maybe it's just a publicity thing.

Well, all this thinking is running through my head as I drove along. Now I'm turing from 215 to the 95, and what do my ears hear???


My world is suddenly feeling complete. I know what I want for Christmas. Two Tickets. It's the least he could do for making me drive around without a radio, don't you think?

In the meantime...For your viewing pleasure, I present some of Usher's greatest hits. Which is your favorite?

Take that, rewind it back....

Anyone wanna go with??
Weeks and Weeks In Review

Charlie is getting so grown up. She gets this look of joy on her face in my office just before she swipes a whole pile of papers off onto the ground.

BIG SURPRISE. Kara & Hallie came into town for a visit. They came over Sunday night to visit with the family and play with cousins.

Hallie & Grandpa were doing great until I tried to take a picture and called Hallie "Charlie". She didn't appreciate that at all.
The group Sunday night
Bekah & Hallie

Lunch with the girls

anything dipped in ketchup is good
Hallie loved her nuggets

Drew's birthdaymaking batman capes for Drew's 4th birthday party.

Drew was having so much fun with his friends, it was easier to get a picture of Charlie

Sunday at Grandma's house
Legos, for Drew.....and matt

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogstalking Late at Night, that Ashley's sister?

I know it's been time to get rid of Scott's mug off this page for a long time. My latest pictures are on the computer in the office. When I'm there, I'm doing office stuff. Now I'm on my laptop in my room, without latest pictures. So....after searching for scripture references for my next lesson, googling dehydration, for the same lesson, I decided to spend a few random moments blogstalking.

I went through my list of favorites. Then started going through the kids' pages. At Jenn's I totally picked some random name from the side and clicked on it. I'm guessing this is someone from her ward. I figure out they've recently moved here. So curious self that I am, I start wondering where they moved from. Hit the Older Posts button a few times to see where they came from, hmmm, looks like Texas. Then I come across THIS post. To which I just have to stare for a couple of minutes. Isn't that Ashley's sister, Miken, sitting there in the picture?