Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tossing and Turning

Everyone has those nights occasionally when they can't sleep. Last night was one of those nights.  So what exactly had my brain spinning so fast there was no time for rest?

My Tuesday.  I have about 6 hours of work to do for the business. It must get done. I need about 5 hours to get ready for activity night.  I have to take care of business.  I have to have things ready for our night of sewing.  How do I do both at the same time?  Don't forget there is a reimbursement check in your church bag.  Go to the bank.  Hey, while you're at the bank go to Deseret Book 'cause you told the bishop you would grab program covers for Sunday.  I have a harp lesson.  Can I meet up with the superintendent for signatures, then hit kinkos to make copies of what he signed for us, go to Joann's, then bank, Deseret book, down to contractor's office on the south side of town, can I do that and be done by 3?  I don't think I have time for harp.  It just furiates me if I can't make it to harp. 

My Hang-ups.  I have a totally irrational fear.  It has ruled my life. I try to keep it under control and not negatively affect my kids, but it constantly resurfaces.  I am scared to death of one of my children/now grandchildren being kidnapped.  Those seat belts on strollers? They're not for keeping the little one from tumbling out, they keep someone from walking by, and grabbing and running with the child.  I know it's crazy, but really, there's a reason we didn't go to Disneyland a lot, definitely never the beach, and barely the park.  I took a group of girls to Salt Lake City for girls' camp, oh my, I barely survived the panic attacks of trying to keep them all together where I could see them all at the same time.  So going along with this fear, one of my children told me two totally innocent sentences, something about killing spiders, a guy came by dropping off flyers for bug spraying, I don't know exactly because what I was really hearing was, "I was home alone with two kids and opened my door to a total stranger."  I tossed and turned for a couple hours over the fact that he easily could have forced the door open against her.  Oh, the horror of what could have happened.  Their stake is having a big 24th celebration, which means the kids will be out running around, in a crowd.  Ughhh.  Can we all just stay contained indoors, not talking to strangers?

How will I get Tuesday accomplished?

Read the scriptures. If you can't sleep, read the scriptures.  I wasn't four verses in and I already had a list of about six things I should be better at.  How is this comforting if now I'm stressing on being more charitable.  Patience. Serve more?  How am I going to get thru Tuesday, and add to that serving someone?  How come I'm so ubrupt  with people? How can I be this happy loving person that people are drawn to?  I'm so confused.  Can't I just be me?  I don't smile naturally. I have a natural stern look. Doesn't mean I'm not happy.  I must be doing something wrong.  How should I act so people like me?

Don't forget the list of stuff that has to happen on Tuesday.  That job account. Ron is ordering materials today. . .

My brother-in-law is very sick.  We need to go visit them.  Tuesday is not looking good. Wednesday is ward temple night.  Ron will barely get home from work in time for that.  That leaves Wednesday.  What if that's too late? We need to go see him sooner.  You can't tell sick people, hang on, I'll come later. That's not how it works.  

How do people get it all done?

Tuesday, don't forget your list for Tuesday. There is no room for error in this day.  

You know why you're tossing and turning? Because your joints hurt. Silly girl, if you had taken some Advil 5 hours ago, you probably would have slept just fine.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


There are pros and cons to this post. 

  • I am not a grammar expert.  I have many downfalls including a prolific use of run-on sentences, dangling participles, etc. 
  • I risk sounding...bossy? Nagging? Arrogant? Condescending? Ungrateful?  After all, if someone wants to acknowledge us in a group, I should graciously appreciate it, not point out their error.
  • If I can be a conduit to help you speak and write properly, I am honored.

There is an awkwardness in the air around us. I have noticed it since I acquired this name almost 33 years ago. This week was only two days old and there had already been three infractions in my presence. Think this is not a problem? 

From the pulpit:
We'd like to thank the Browns, the Kennedys, and the Marx for....     
(Names changed to protect the innocent)
Who is "the Marx?" Why were the Browns and Kennedys plural, but our name was left hanging weirdly singular out there?  I wonder if they hear what is coming out of their mouths? Doesn't that sentence sound odd to you when you speak it?  Why doesn't your brain kick in and fill in the blank correctly, "the Browns, the Kennedys, and the Marxes?"
Later in the same 3-hour block of time:  "If you have any questions, ask the Marx." 
I have seen this pop up when people write lists of names.  As you read down the list it could look something like:
The Brown Family
The Marx
The Jones Family
Again, why is our surname singular in a sea of plurals or families?
I really try to not take it personal, but it's hard not to take it personal when it is my name.  To set the record straight, here is the rule for making a proper noun ending in x plural:
Add "es"
It would be spoken or written as such:
"If you have any questions, ask the Marxes."
"The party is at the Marxes."
"We would like to thank the Marxes."
"Are all of the Marxes related?"  (yes.)
If I was ordering a welcome mat for my front door, it would say:
Welcome to the Marxes
Some might prefer to have it say Welcome to the Marx's.  That would be correct possessive form.  This would give the implied meaning of "Welcome to the Marx's home"  but on my welcome mats, I prefer to let you know that there are many Marxes living in this home, and we all welcome you to join us.  Wording in this instance would be personal preference, but both would be correct use of plural or possessive form.
To speak the possessive form of Marx it sounds like the plural, but to write the possessive form, you simply add an apostrophe s.  Examples:
The Marx's boat.  The Marx's car. The Marx's hydraulic jack.  The Marx's time. Whatever the item might be.
And finally the plural possessive form:  Marxes'
I can't think of an example off the top of my head, but if you ever need to mention something that belongs to a collective group of Marx family members, there you have it.
I am Kim Marx
Married to Ron Marx
We form Ron & Kim Marx
Together we are referred to as the Marxes