Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's been a little busy around here!

Thursday, March 18th

Matt called at 6 a.m. and asked if I could come get Drew ready for school because Ashley was going into labor. Yahoo!! finally a baby is going to come. {no labor pictures of Ashley}

Drew was off to school. I came back home to do some work for the company. Back to Matt's house to meet Drew's bus at noon. Just as I'm explaining to Drew and Charlie how they're coming to Grandma's and I'll get them McDonalds for lunch and the Princess Frog movie and Drew can play video games all he wants at grandmas....Jenn calls. Her doctor is putting her in the hospital, but Jordan's at work, could I take her?

I kind of paniced for a few moments then I remembered Ron's Mom. So off to get the original Grandma Marx to see if she could help me with Drew and Charlie for a little bit. We drove through Mc Donalds and picked up grandma great, and headed to jenn's house. Video games would be at Jenn's house instead of Grandmas. Jenn gets settled into the hospital.

Finally I leave the hospital, pick up Drew and Charlie and get Grandma Marx back home so she can attend to a humanitarian night.

Drew and Charlie enjoying popcorn and the Princess and the Frog movie. Pizza has been ordered.

At 8 p.m. I start waterproofing Scott's bed with plastic since I have the kids and no night-time supplies. They can wear some old t-shirts for bed time.

Just as the bed is ready we get word that their new brother is born and they can come meet him.

Drew and Charlie meet Parker at 10 p.m. They think he's pretty cute.

Charlie unwrapped the blanket to check out his toes.
After meeting Parker, Drew and Charlie realize just what a busy day they had had with all the things their mom doesn't usually allow: video games, pizza, capri suns, fruit roll ups, ice cream cones, they were exausted and fell asleep in their own beds a few moments after this picture.

I arrive back at the hospital just after midnight. It's now March 19th.

Jenn's been put on oxygen.

At last, there's a new grandson....again.

Cute new family
Parker Hilton Marx
3/18/10 8:55 p.m.
9 lb. 14 oz. 22 inches

Carson Peter Shields
3/19/10 7:53 a.m.
8 lbs. 9 oz. 20 inches

Friday, March 12, 2010


Here's to speedy deliveries, healthy babies, and happy mommas.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Oh, that I had Lady GaGa's problems.

My phone is silent. When it rings, I run to check the I.D.

Ron Is Hott still calls, but thats not the caller I.D. I'm looking for.

There are two, yes T.W.O. new babies due any time now in this family. Ring phone, ring. I want to meet these little guys so bad.

While we all impatiently wait, I have added a new inspiration video to my sidebar. Definately worth the watch.

And here you have, in one post, the dichotomy of my video interests.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Double Digits

Elder Scotty sent some pictures of how he spent his p-day this week.
He asked me a couple of weeks ago if it was o.k. to go to the dentist because his mouth hurt pretty bad. My only concern was that the instruments and utensils used by the doctor were sterylized and I asked him to check with the mission office because they usually had lists of doctors that were o.k. to use locally.
My concerns were a little unfounded, the dentist office looks as modern as here in the states. Cleaning and filled cavity for $30 USD. He didn't know if that was a good price or not!
This is a statue to the great soccer player, Pele. He's in a city that has the english translation of three hearts, Pele's hometown.
We're in double digits now on the countdown - less than 100 days left.
In other family news, Ashley and Jennifer are in their last week/two weeks. We are all so excited to meet these two little boys.