Friday, October 16, 2009


(Opening Disclaimer: This should never be construed as I love one more than another, I think more of one's education than another's, or any of the other thousands of ways it could be miscontrued, but see me through to the end of the post. And ALL of my kids are dang awesome, educated/getting educated/working and living productive lives)

Kara joined our family one week after completing nursing school. It was a stressful semester for her. She could work full time and live a much more lavish lifestyle, but she chooses to instead be a full-time mom to Hallie. As she describes it, I'm a mom first and formost and on my 'off' days I'm a nurse. And finally, she supports Brad's busy schedule, for which she gets mad-dog props.

Hallie is a cutie-pie. And to hear that little girl talk is a crack-up. My favorite is hearing her say animal names in spanish.

Brad. I want to call him every other day, but always hesitate. I don't want to interupt a much-deserved nap, or his only few minutes with Kara that day, or is he at work, or school lecture? He is: full-time law student, part-time law firm researcher, writes for one of the law review publications, serves as executive secretary in his ward, avid sports fan. Busy List!

The reason for me metioning Brad & Kara is:


I love, love, love this man. Not in an "I love you I want to marry you" kind of way - but in an 'When he talks, I listen" kind of way.

This week's TALK

After reading this, I was so thankful for Brad & Kara and how they are sacrificing at this time for Brad to go to school. What this country doesn't need is another lawyer - but it sure does need more lawyers that are filled with faith. Brad will be such an asset.