Monday, May 21, 2012

11.11.11 Part II

A Few More Pictures From That Evening

 How the reception was decorated
 Jordan, Jenn, and Carson
 I loved how they put two long church tables together to form a large square.  Way cool.
 I seriously have the worse luck getting a picture of the grandkids.  I don't have a good one yet.  The girls all look good in this one, but none of the boys were cooperating.
Good Bye!


Six-month Anniversary

I am still playing 'catch up' with my blog entries.  We have now come to the famous 11-11-11 Wedding Extravaganza of Scotty & Ashley.  I think Ashley and her mother did a fabulous job of planning her wedding day.  I loved the invitations, they were creative and unique.  Everything went without a hitch and the reception was fabulous. 

Here are some pictures from the temple.
What a crowd! They sure have a large family and a lot of support for their day.
 Grandparents Marx with Scott & Ashley

 The original 5.  I love this picture, I think I'm going to have it enlarged
(Matt, Jenn, Scott, Rebekah, Brad)

Ashley & Scott on the temple grounds.

Friday, May 04, 2012


Talk about the bore of other people's home movies -- it seems everyone went to Disneyland last fall, and you've seen all the possible pictures, but here's our families trip.  The last time most of us went, Andrew was one.  Jennifer goes with Jordan's family a lot, so she was well packed and prepared for the day.  She also was the master of the quick trip line pass things.

Andrew was the guide with the map.

 Charlie was beyond excited to get a hug and a *kiss* from Goofy.

 A harp in Toon Town

A shot of Parker that's not blurry (he's on the run a lot.)

 "You guys go ahead, we'll wait right here."

 Matt & Ashley, Andrew, Charlie, & Parker

 I love this picture of Ron & Charlie

 Drew was so excited to 'drive'

 Jenn & Jordan with Carson and Parker
 Andrew went on Space Mountain.  He was brave.

 Charlie driving

 Waiting in line with the young ones.

That's a recap of our Disney trip.  Scott refused to go because he has been boycotting all family trips until he is married.  No more being the third wheel single guy.  He tried to talk us into going the week after his wedding, but I didn't want to go because it would get cold.  Plus, they ended up having to be up at school anyway.  Kara was a few weeks away from having a baby so they decided walking around Disneyland wouldn't be too comfortable or fun either.  We missed them.  We need to go sometime and watch Charlie and Hallie having fun together there.

Don't stop now, there's so much more to the month of November

Thursday, May 03, 2012

October 2011

 Ron & I rode down on the mortorcycle to visit Brad & Kara in San Diego

Hallie and Grandpa ready for church

Grandpa's bike

 Hallie's bike

Ron's dad turned 80!  It was quite a celebration.  This is pictures from a children's dinner.  Then two weeks later, the same weekend as Scott's wedding, there was a huge party in a park for everyone to come to.  It was the weekend of the wedding, and I didn't make it so I don't have pictures from that party, but here's Ron & his family at the restaurant.

Buzz came trick-or-treating over at my house.