Thursday, April 02, 2009

Baja Trip - The Machine

Every March Ron goes on a 900 mile motorcross ride through Baja with a group out of Utah. There's a large group of Las Vegas people that go along and several members of Ron's family enjoy the trip too.

There's at least 60 riders that go and they're on all kinds of machines, motorcycles, quads, and this year...the introduction of The Bousa Car:
Ron, two brothers, and a cousin all had these cars built last year. They have a hyabousa motorcycle engine in them, which I've been told is really fast. They were excited to try them out on the baja terrain.
Day one started off with Ron & Matt looking pretty good. But...

Oops. If I can retell the story right, while they were driving down the path a tie-rod broke. Which bent the front wheel underneath the frame. They got out and in a very McGuiver-like way, beefed up the remaining front wheel with a spare part so that it would hold up the weight of the car. Ron continued driving the car over 150 miles a day on three wheels.
Along the way the Policia pulled him over. In the Spanish Ron could understand, the cop told him the car was dangerous. Ron was driving down on a highway at that time and he thought all the cars out there were more dangerous than his. After taking Ron's I.D., the policia man came back with an offer, take a ticket for an unsafe vehicle for $500 or pay him $20 and drive away. Ron gave him a twenty and a couple of hats, and took off down the road.

On the last day he was driving down the path when the rear wheel hit a rock, it pushed the car forward into the corner that didn't have a wheel, which caused the car to roll. Now it has a little body damage to go with the missing front wheel.

Lee's car needed the help of a local welder in some tiny little town.

Baja Trip - The Scenery

This looks like most of the Marx related people.

Breakfast on the beach. We're sitting at the table closest to the wall, nothing but sand and water on the other side. So cool. I think I can honestly say I've never sat on a restaurant on a beach before. It was really pretty.
Baja Mexico Ride - Service Project

This year Ashley and I went down with the guys to the starting point in San Felipe. We enjoyed a beautiful hotel on the beach. Sunday we went to church in their branch, then we had a service project. All the riders bring bags and bags and bags of clothes and other donations. We met in the parking lot of the hotel and sorted everything by size. Then everyone takes a large garbage sack and takes an item from each pile. All the sacks are loaded into a trailer. Ashley and I were in charge of all of the baby clothes. Another truckload of people had candy to pass out and some sports equipment.

The service project is in the Los Arcos area of town.

Several of the riders buy groceries at the store for some families. 350 bags of clothes were passed out, as well as over 150 baby clothes bags. It's a terrific service project and I know the residents look forward to this every year. After the service project, Ashley and I drove back to the States. I'm not gonna lie, I was very nervous about driving 120 miles up to the border, but it was fine. It's a definate do-again.