Monday, February 16, 2009


Dear Matt, Ashley, Drew, Charlie, Jenn, Jordan, and Bekah,
Thanks for another lovely Sunday dinner. I must apologize for forgetting the jello in the garage refrigerator. I don't make jello very often, and this one was my favorite recipe - lime with cut up pears and whipped jello/cream cheese on the top. Sorry you missed it.

Hopefully your stomachs were full with the marinated chicken, seasoned potatoes, steamed green beans, and corn bread muffins. The debate of the evening over who has the right-of-way: pedestrians or cars will continue. I maintain that if a vehicle can safely manuever around a pedestrian, they should and would be cited for hitting said person even if they are not in a crosswalk.

Sorry the neighborhood kids insist on skateboarding with ramps in the street and blame us for wanting to drive by them. It's irritating, I know, but what can I do? I suggest instead of turning right into our neighborhood, you turn left and avoid the street with the skateboarders and traffic trolls. Remember when we lived in Arizona and I couldn't stand the lady traffic guard at the middle school. My mornings were much more peaceful after I started driving one block further and avoiding her. I suggest you do the same on evenings when the kiddos are out blocking the streets.

Scott would be embarrassed at the low scores on guitar hero. More practicing is needed before he returns...and let's keep it our little secret that we've taken over his PS3, there are some things he just doesn't need to know for another 15 months.
Finally, I like this picture of your dad and I. The Billy Joel concert was GREAT.

Next Sunday, you might want to ask me if there is anything else out in the garage fridge before we start eatting.

The Mom

P.S. We missed you Brad, Kara, and Hallie. I really hope you have a chance to intern in Las Vegas this summer so you can all join us on a few Sunday evenings.