Monday, June 30, 2008

C'mon Kara, what's your critique?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Activities.

Ron & I went to see the Indian Jones movie on Friday night

Drew & Charlie were over for a visit for a little while.

Saturday we went up to St. George. Brian's Grandmother passed away last week and we went to her funeral. Funerals are never my favorite thing to do, but as funerals go, this one was particularly uplifting. Brian gave what was probably the most difficult talk of his life. He did it with poise, confidence, spiritual maturity and elloquence. He had a special relationship with his grandmother and it was very gratifying to see him honor her so well.

While in St. George, I was on a mission of sorts. There's a certain type of dress made by Jody California. They're hard to find. They're usually at Mr. Mac's in the Provo/Salt Lake City area, but I'm not. So for a certain sister missionary who received one of these dresses after I was up there for Women's Conference, the message I received back was that she "love, love, love, loved it. Tell your mom to tell my mom where to buy them and get me a couple more."

She must love it, I have pictures of Sister Catherine in three different settings wearing that dress. So....I called Mr. Macs and they would ship one to me over the phone, but then you're dealing with trying to describe the style I want, blah, blah. I just hadn't done it yet. Mr. Mac's was also kind enough to tell me "all the department stores around here sell them." Remember - I'm not in Provo. So.....I decided to give St. George a try. First stop Christensens. They sell Jody California, but the hip teenage dresses. But they thought Dillards might have what I was looking for. Next stop, Red Cliff's Mall.

It took some searching, but back in the corner of the juniors department were just a couple of the very style of dress I was looking for. Out of the three different colors, and only about 12 dresses hanging there, VIOLA, the right size.

And it was on sale!!! bonus. I think it's safe to show you all, because Sister Higbee doesn't blog stalk any more. Mission accomplished. We finished up our afternoon in St. George by eatting lunch at Cafe Rio. Then on the ride home the air conditioner fan broke in the truck. That was below average.

To finish off the weekend, I present to you Sunday Dinner. If you weren't here, you missed a great meal.

Monday, June 23, 2008



K - Kool (as Scott would say)

A - Ardent Dodger fan

R - Really great wife for Brad

A - Awesome mother to Hallie

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Elton John Concert 33 years later !!!

Let me explain. Waayyyy back in 1975 my older sister, Lisa, went to the Elton John concert at Dodger stadium. I wanted to go, too. BAD. I begged and begged but my mother wouldn't hear of it. In fact, I think it's safe to say Lisa probably barely skinned by with permission to go. She would have just graduated making me around 8th grade. I thought Lisa should take me along. My other friend's older brothers and sisters would take them to cool stuff too, but No. Lisa didn't agree, probably because this concert involved a date with one of numerous Daves. Imagine my disappointment went the next morning on the cover of the LA Times was a picture of five white grand pianos with the lids spelling out E-L-T-O-N, the lids were lifted and doves were flying out. I had missed it.

No matter what Elton has done in his personal life the last 33 years, I look beyond it (the same can't be said about all past musical loves, cough cough, Michael Jackson) Sir Elton has my loyalty. When it was announced he would be playing a Caesar's several weeks a year, The Red Piano Tour, I was excited - Finally after all these years, I can go see him. Then came the sticker shock. $600 tickets. I don't think so....I can buy a lot of 'best of' CDs before I spend $1200 to go to a concert. Even the cheap seats at the time were $200.

So as the ebb and flow of life continued I was fine with radio, CD, and iPod playlists. Then last Thursday in one phone call my life was changed. Bekah was on the phone. David could get tickets for Friday night, you interested? YES. I had to look up at Ron who was looking at me with a strange look on his face - "Elton, you want me to go see Elton?" This is very much like the look I give him when he suggest I accompany him to ride a motorcycle 1,000 miles through Baja. "Yes, I'll take the tickets whether dad wants to go or not!"

My cell phone picture taking abilities do not give the experience justice at all. Our seats were sooo close. I had a blast. I loved all the songs. Finally, after 33 years I have redemption. Take that Lisa - I bet you were on the 2nd balcony at Dodger Stadium.

Ron and I finished off the evening with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


This weekend has been about all things Scotty. We have the whole family together! I let Scott pick the meals for Thursday (steak, mashed potatoes, cream corn) and Friday (pizza). Saturday was very busy. Family pictures at 8 that's A.M. Which means having everybody up, dressed, and at the park by 8. I was worried that the grandchildren would be cranky so early in the morning, but they were great. I can't wait to get the pictures back. Then we went to the temple together as a family. That was probably the highlight of the week, or the year, actually 28 years in the making. Saturday night was a bbq for family and friends. As the night progressed we notice that it was aunt/uncles/adult friends that were there for the bbq food at the night grew later (and just about as the ice cream bars were brought out) the young adult friends started showing up. They finally moved the party at 11:15 to go bowling. It sure was nice to hear all the kids upstairs in the loft again playing around - I just didn't go up there and take pictures :( But here are a few pictures that I do have.


Hallie's here

and in perfect form

Jenn found the Choco Tacos, and Jordan found the ice cream Snickers

Grandma Mitchell here from Texas for Scotty

Charlie will miss Uncle Scotty.

Boys in the kitchen again! Can deffinately tell the outgoing mish...the one with the short hair. Aunt Bekah and Miss Hallie

What? no picture of Drew? He was dissapointed he couldn't ride his scooter on the cement in the backyard with all the people in the way. But he's been here hanging with his uncle. I asked Drew if he was going to go on a mission when he gets bigger like Scotty, "No. I'm going to go to school when I get bigger." That's our boy, short term goals.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Dog I Love To Hate
In one week from today, it's just me and Kruger. Brian the squatter has decided to kick it until the wedding, which is understandable, but he's hardly ever here (summer school, work, Ann...). I've had between 1 and 5 children running around, running me around, and receiving the brunt of my frustrations for 27 years. Next week - you and me, Kruger.

Scott brought Kruger home because if he didn't, his fate was would be a gunshot out in the fields of Alamo. The way I look at it, every day Kruger is alive at my house is a gift from God. There are times when I feel he's overextended his gift time... This morning he was making an awful racket chewing up this water bottle. And he didn't want to do it oh, say, 2700 sq. ft. away from me. Nope, right beside me in the office was the only place possible for this water bottle demolition to take place.

The things you notice in the background when you take pictures that in everyday life you kind of ignore. My in-laws gave me an Uncle Sam holding a flag for Christmas. At the end of December, it was just too cold for the flag-waving Uncle to go out front, so he just got put in the entryway--out of the way. Now that I see it in the back of Kruger's picture, time for Sammy to hit the rocks out front. And while I'm placing things on the rocks out front - I have a lovely waterfall thingy left over from the wedding that I should put out in the front yard too. Perhaps the soothing, babbling water will drown out Kruger's noise.