Monday, October 20, 2008

Weeks and Weeks In Review

Charlie is getting so grown up. She gets this look of joy on her face in my office just before she swipes a whole pile of papers off onto the ground.

BIG SURPRISE. Kara & Hallie came into town for a visit. They came over Sunday night to visit with the family and play with cousins.

Hallie & Grandpa were doing great until I tried to take a picture and called Hallie "Charlie". She didn't appreciate that at all.
The group Sunday night
Bekah & Hallie

Lunch with the girls

anything dipped in ketchup is good
Hallie loved her nuggets

Drew's birthdaymaking batman capes for Drew's 4th birthday party.

Drew was having so much fun with his friends, it was easier to get a picture of Charlie

Sunday at Grandma's house
Legos, for Drew.....and matt


Andrew and Heidi said...

Happy to see an update Kim! Your family gatherings always look like so much fun, and those Batman caps are such a cute party idea - I bet the kids loved those.

Manders & Taylor said...

Charlie looks just like a little Bekah in the very first pic! Great pictures!