Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kudos & My Bad...

Thank You just doesn't seem adequate enough. Connie Barrett volunteered to hem the reception tablecloths for me. I wasn't asking/fishing for her to do it, I was simply asking if she had a serger machine I could barrow, and should I come over to her house or would it be o.k. to bring it to my house. She insisted I leave the tablecloths and she would hem them. I protested. She reminded me she had been asking what she could do to help for 6 weeks, she wanted to hem them. In the middle of my protest my mouth just stopped mid-sentence and I said o.k., I'll let you help. I then dropped off the cloths and said, I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into. She assurred me she did. Just doing quick math - if each tablecloth takes 15 minutes times 18 that would equal 4.5 hours of hemming. We're all busy, who has 4.5 hours to donate to a wedding that you're not blood related to? I walked away feeling totally elated, like a load had been lifted. I felt what it was like to be the recipiant of service. Thank you so much, Connie. If you see her, give her a high-five.

In the My Bad category. 2nd ongoing controversy with Rebekah has been the cake serving utinsils. Background: Jenn goes shopping 3 weeks ago and calls to ask me if I realize how expensive the cake knife and server are? Yes, I'm well aware. She asks what Bekah used and I told her I bought Bekah some. I remember shopping for them, wanting her to have this heirloom gift (you'll use it the rest of your life, baby blessing desserts, yada yada yada...). So Jenn announces she's calling Bekah and will just use her's. Then Jenn calls back, Bekah says you didn't buy her one, she used yours. My response is "I don't have one she could have used." For two weeks Bek's been insisting she used mine, I'm thinking I spent $50 to buy her one and she lost it. Where are those wedding pictures as proof?

Then I have both girls in the kitchen and we're arguing over it again. I show my utinsil drawer. The every-day pie cutter from Pampered Chef with the serrated edge that cuts and serves so well. The generic pie server I've had since day one with the wooden handle. And then over here in the butler's pantry with the big-gathering serving utinsils is this silver cake server that's fake silver. Bekah is sure that's the one she used. "This thing? I only paid $2.50 for it in the dollar bin at Kmart. There's no way, I bought you a "nice" serving set."

So last night when Bekah was over she brought it up once again. That's it - where's that disk with your wedding pictures. We're getting to the bottom of the cake serving controversy.

With the proof in her hand in photos, BEKAH WAS RIGHT. Since I blog blasted her over the softball issue, she is demanding a public blog apology about the cake server.

So there you have it. This Saturday when Jenn & Jordan cut their cake, Jenn will be using my $2.50 Kmart dollar bin heirloom cake server that's cut and served it's way through many family dinners and now two daughter's weddings.

Until then, since we just looked through Rebekah & David's pictures, here's a few of my favorites to enjoy until we all gather again this weekend.


Rebekah Mills said...

Ahah! A picture is worth a thousand words. In your defense we really did go shopping for one but ran out of time. Your not that senile......... yet

Ashley & Matt Marx said...

Wow, one little thing like a cake serving piece can turn into such a heated debate.
That was very nice of Connie to hem the table cloths.

KimMarx said...

it wasn't really a 'heated' debate, more like back and forth friendly banter. What really brought out the pictures more than the insesant (sp?) cake server comments was when Rebekah said her reception wasn't dim lighting, I had all the gym lights on. "Oh, heck no. Where are the pictures!" Funny how we all remember things differently. In her defense, I think she was thinking of while we were setting up all the gym lights were on. :)

Rebekah Mills said...

You've been tagged!... check out my blog