Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BEKAH-BEKAH-BEKAH, bekah-bekah-bekah, BEKAH-BEKAH-BEKAH, bekah-bekah-bekah, BEK

The softball controversy started inocently enough. David and Bekah made a video for Jenn's bridal shower where they ask questions of Jenn & Jordan. Bekah says to me, "Jordan thinks Jennifer played softball all through high school, she didn't play for Bonanza." I know their high school story can be confusing. [Quick version, we moved to Phoenix for a year and a half - so Jenn went to one semester at Aqua Fria, then 9th grade second semester transfered to Millennium, both in Avondale. Then 10th grade 2nd semester we came back here. Just in time for softball tryouts. Since both had played softball leagues here in town for years, everyone knew them, and they were on the teams that semester.] So I tell Rebekah, "Jenn did play at Bonanza, you guys played against each other." She totally denied it and wanted to see pictures as proof.

Home game on Bonanza fields, looking south toward Oakey. Jenn playing 1st base.

Same game, Rebekah playing catcher
for Durango

Bekah at bat

And finally......

Rebekah as catcher for Durango, Jenn batting for Bonanza.

I know I've sat through a few hundred baseball/softball practices & games between all you kids, but I still remember.

P.S. I kind of miss the sound of a lawn chair rattling around in the back of my car.


Jenn Marx said...

WOW - the "Bekah" song. That's hard core.

P.S. Bonanza won!

Rebekah Mills said...

Finally I get some face time on the blog!! lol Ok so it's all coming back to me now

Ashley & Matt Marx said...

I love the fence in the pictures. Oh high school sports good times. I look forward to when Drew and Charlie start doing sports.