Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Grandma Tried To Be a Photographer and Instead Became Snippy Mean Grandma
Brad and Kara are in town visiting.  It is Brad's "last spring break, ever."  I've been wanting a picture of the 5 grandchildren together all year.  So today we met up at the park.  Let's just get it out there - I am not a photographer, and I am not a patient kind grandma when trying to get 5 little ones to all look one way.  Somehow I thought that the 6 year old and the two 3 year olds would just stand there always looking the right direction and smiling and we would just have to deal with the babies.  All five were all over the place.  I don't like becoming the snippy mean grandma.  I've been on to YW activities tonight and the grocery store, and 7-Eleven because the grocery store didn't have any ice, and now I've had time to calm down.  Looking at the pictures was pretty funny.  I set my camera on high speed action shots so that I have a string of 50 frames of the same shot.  It's pretty funny to watch it in action and what they were all doing those few seconds.

Here are some 'out takes' where we just couldn't get them all together.
 The cast of characters are, backrow:  Hallie, Charlie, Andrew.  Front row:  Carson & Parker

If you give them balls and tell them to throw them up in the air - they also turn and chase after them.
If you tell them to throw up their balls on the count of three - someone will throw it up on the count of two.

Oops - where's Carson?  He would cry every time he got sat down on the ground.  Kara was trying to talk him into participating.  Hallie was swinging her arms around making all kinds of poses.  Charlie was holding tightly to Drew's hand yelling at him to cooperate and stand still.  Parker was just hanging out.  He was quick to crawl away from the set.
 Carson sitting down crying.  I have 35 pictures of Drew smiling at the camera as he grabbed hold of the top of Carson's head and turned it toward the camera.
 It's finally looking the right direction, but he's having no part of this.  Hallie and Charlie are looking great.  Extra points go to Drew for keeping his smile up the whole time as he helped with Carson.  Parker was looking all over the place but remained stationary.
Not bad.  Capri Sun's and cookies kept them all still for a few minutes.

Next time I'll show the better looking group shots.


Allison Barnes said...

cute! little ones are so hard to get still! ou aren't alone...

gmajo said...

The higher the number of kids the harder to get a great picture. I know from experience. You did a good job and will always love having pictures of all of them together.