Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day
Family BBQ

Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm.  These are green funeral potatoes.

 The family gathers.  Ashley braided a shamrock in the back of Charlies hair.  So cute.  Shout out to Parker on the right - He's 1 today (3/18).  He looks bald.  But he's not.  Ashley was buzzing Drew's hair and decided to buzz Parker as well.  He just has such fine blonde hair, you can't even see it.
Kruger is always near the table waiting for something to drop. The backyard is far from finished - I think you could say it's not even started - but I go ahead and set up table and chairs and we have a fine time eatting and visiting.  When the kids are done, the backhoe becomes their make-shift fort.

 Andrew and Hallie playing tick-tack-toe.  Charlie getting ready to burst into tears because she wants to play too.  And with the girl set, not the extra spiderman (boy) set that was also on the table.

Dish up.  On the menue:  bbq chicken, lime jello w/cubed pears, green salad, green potatoes, green brocolli, german chocolate cake (not green).  We got together tonight because Brad & Kara were heading back to San Diego.  It was nice to have them in Las Vegas this week.

 Sunset dinner.
Family visiting.

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