Monday, February 04, 2008

February 3rd
Happy Birthday, Matt

For the last 27 years, Matt has been busy:

  • He was a Decker Dinosaur (Decker Elementary)

  • A Guinner Winner (Guinn Middle School)

  • A Trailblazer (Durango High School)

  • Eagle Scout

  • Missionary in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission

His greatest accomplishment was marrying Ashley:

And being a father to these cuties:

Matt is constantly busy helping others and does a great job with the young men - helping several to become Eagle Scouts. He's a great example for his family.
Happy Birthday Matt.


Manders & Taylor said...

Awe, he was a Decker Dinosaur. I love it! Your grandbabies, aka my second cousins, are so cute! Do you know a lake date yet? I'm kinda starting to put summer together and fit things in between summer school and we'd really like to attempt another visit =)

Ashley & Matt Marx said...

Awe your so sweet Kim.

KimMarx said...

No lake dates yet. I did get a call asking which of 3 saturdays in February would be best for the annual meeting. My request was wait until March. So...sometime soon we should have lake dates. And not a moment too soon, as I type my toes are FROZEN. I'm so cold, please just give me a float on the water.

Jill Johnson said...

Hey, cute blog and music too!! You rock. When is the lake date? Let us know, we will be there. Just kidding!!! I agree with Matt's greatest accomplishment, Ashley! I love her!