Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Big Ride
Ron, Matt & Scott are gone this week on the 900 scenic fun-filled ride through Baja, Mexico. You never know all the details about the trip until they get back - but it's sounding like a rough start. No call Monday night, I was expecting one, but decided not to worry about it. Ron did call Tuesday afternoon. The reason for no call Monday is they didn't get to their first location until after 11:00 p.m. That can't be good. And the reason he could call me in the afternoon was because he was now driving a truck through Baja instead of his bike. So the trip started off with breakdowns, getting lost (not one person - but a whole sub-group of 20) and a late night. He thought he'd have phone access Wednesday night, so we'll just see what tonight's report is.
In the mean time - I've expressed frustration with enrichment group book club before. I now have the Enrichment councilor 'concerned that I'm o.k." I'm fine. I won't go inactive. I'm not offended. I won't quit going to church. Jenn found another book club one day in blog world and called me up to convince me that I really should join this blog book club. I thought, why not. I really need to expand my horizons. So I commented that I was in. It's month one and the first book of choice was The Other Boleyn Girl. The cover of the book stated it was soon to be a movie, I just didn't know it was so soon. I enjoyed the book. I thought while reading it that it would be a rated R movie. So imagine my surprise when I saw the movie advertised this week and it's PG-13. I'm so excited. Even if they do a bad job adapting the book the costumes and scenery are so cool. Thanks to Mrs. Zastrow (Glendora High School English, a long time ago), I love anything about old England.
I can't wait.


Ashley & Matt Marx said...

I hope the trip gets better and they can stop getting lost.

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

I saw the guys at church today, so I'm assuming they all made it home in one piece!!

Manders & Taylor said...

Haven't heard from you in a while, miss you!