Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Random pictures from the last couple of weeks
I love how Scotty is in the background of David and Bekah's picture
Brian doesn't think he's been mentioned enough in the blog. Here his is with Scott's girlfriend...On my computer...
With Rebekah. Brian is studying hard, working hard, playing hard. He's hardly ever home. The best squatter a family could ask for.

Drew was a shark, and Charlie was an octopus for Halloween.

Cousins...Ashley, Jenn, and Litany.

Gangsta' bros.

Awesome stuffing.

Shorter hair!



Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Great pics Kim! What a wonderful family you have!!

Manders & Taylor said...

I love Bekah's short hair, looks just like mine, but of course mine is brown... I'm trying to grow it out though because I want it to be really long for the wedding (2.5 years)hopefully it will be pretty long by then if I keep up regular trims. The Thanksgiving pick is an awesome one too.

Ashley & Matt Marx said...

good pictures, the squatter is right he does not get enough face time on the blog