Sunday, September 29, 2013

Remodeling Week in Review

Or why things aren't happening very fast around here.

It has been a lovely week at our house.  I talked myself down from the ledge on last week's rant and here is this week's progress (or non progress?):

The front room had a bad week.  A few things were 'put' there, and not properly put away.  The table is the staging area for my painting.  Ron went shooting with his friends.  One of the friends wanted to shoot the 50 cal., but failed to move his forehead out of the way of the scope.  Actually two different people did this.  The recoil is a bit redonculous on that gun and if your forehead stays in the way, there will be cuts and blood involved, but luckily no stitches.  And it looks like if I want to get one of my comfy lounging blankets back for this winter, I should go get another case for Ron's father's day present, which he has just wrapped in a blanket.  I took the veep's word when he announced that if you hear noises outside your house you should fire two warning shots out the front door with a shot gun.  I had a semi automatic shotgun made for Ron for a gift.  It needs a case.  Christmas is coming.

I got an email on Friday that the custom doors I had ordered for the cabinets on each side of the fireplace were too large and needed to be reconfigured.  Great.

This is the kitchen.  Cabinet update.  My cabinet guy in town can match and work within my budget so we're going to get together and get an order situated this week.  Only when I told him I'd meet with him this week I forgot I would be gone 3 1/2 days.  Hopefully Friday the meeting can take place. 

Before I leave town, I want to get the ceiling tiles for the kitchen ordered.  Seems like an easy enough task, no?

Ahhh, the laundry room.  Yes it is bigger than most.  But I don't have a garage.  So the freezer and extra fridge have to go in here, not out in the garage.  This room I did get painted to see if I liked the color of the paint before putting it in the front room.  Yes.  I really like it and pictures don't do it justice.  The freezer is hanging out in the middle of the room at the moment, but it gets pushed back in the corner.
 Just another view.  Again, the washer and dryer are pushed out about 4 1/2 feet so they will be moved back and on the left will be a folding table.  I have the butcher block top for that.  I just want it to be a tall work table style with one or two open shelves below for storage.  The walls above the W&D and the folding table will have open shelving.
On this wall here will go a buffet that I bought last Saturday and cupboards above.

 The kids' room received paint on a couple of walls.  That is the extent of my painting this week.

This is a sample of the tile I want to put in the laundry room.  Along with the lovely old concrete and two layers of linoleum that are in there now.  If you are following along with this nightmare, this floor and the remedy sparked the last meltdown.

This is why we can't just put the tile down.  There is a hump right there and see that 3/8" of space at the end of the tile?  It would break the tile.  no bueno.  This happens in several places on this floor.  We will have to pour self-leveling concrete.

Hey- I did get the toilet and sink for the bathroom ordered.  It is at the supplier's warehouse and I need to go pick it up on Monday.  I am in full hunt mode for the right kind of chest to put the sink on.  Help a sister out here.  Under $200.  Ornate.  curves or interesting stuff going with the chest itself but the top has to be rectangle.  34" high and 40-46 inches wide.  No small task but if we all work together we can find the perfect piece out there. 

So as you can see, not a lot got done house-wise this week.  But that's ok.  I was busy with two of the cutest little grand daughters.  Monday night Drew spent the night.  Tuesday night my visiting teachers came over.  Wednesday night we met up with friends for dinner.  Thursday night church meeting.  Friday night I was exhausted.  (plus, I really don't like painting at night, I prefer sunlight)  Saturday I helped with a wedding for the morning & early afternoon and two hours later had another church meeting.  Then dinner with friends.

That was my week. This week has something fun planned too.  I think I can fit a few assignments in and be ready to paint next Saturday while listening to General Conference.  Whoo-hoo!

Have a great week.

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