Saturday, September 07, 2013

This just about sums it up.  Wearing a Lake Powell t-shirt and making a shark week onesie.
So first off, this week I wish I had the capability to send out surveys.  I know websites do them, I just need to figure out how.  This is for my Sunday School lesson. 
Would you like to talk about:
  • The Saints being stuck in the knee deep mud for a month slogging thru Iowa? 
  • Brigham Young & Co. figuring out a way west
  • Preparations and divisions of responsibilities
  • Are you the family moving ahead seemingly having it all together, or do you feel like the family that was left behind preparing for better days?
  • The Spirit of Prophesy vs. the Spirit of Revelation
There are your choices.  Basically, I'm going with the last one, because face it, we're all going to have periods of time when we feel like our lives are just slogging thru knee-deep mud for a month - we also need to figure out our way through and have a plan.  So what better way to prepare than to have the spirit of revelation and the spirit of prophecy so you individually are guided.  Sometimes you're out front, and sometimes you need to stop and be still for a season of preparation. 
Back to About Me
I am finally, after years of social media, trying to figure out what to say in the About Me section.  I asked for suggestions on Facebook.  Some were too ....flattering?  Some were funny.  Some might need explanations.
My sister suggested : "I know my way around treasure island at Disneyland"  This is a family folk lore story.  As I remember it we were at Disneyland and I wanted to explore treasure island and appearantly the rest of the family just wanted to get from point A to point B.  So now I'm labeled as the one who had us totally lost.  I was never lost, just checking things out.
My mother in law mentioned: "Climbs up and out on top with lots of flair."  This is only because I am so dang uncoordinated that I'm always, always tripping and falling over my own two feet. 
Heidi is a fellow Texan.  Quite honestly I'm going to have to claim dual citizenship. Texas and So Cal.
Lesli mentioned a Gwen Steffani song.  We all know it's, "I ain't no holler back girl."  Except one day I was driving down the road listening to KLUC and a guy calls in and says his girlfriend swears she's saying, "I ain't no Harlem black girl."  He wanted them to clear up this argument on air.  I thought it was funny.  And now I sing both versions of the song.  This ... is bananas!
The most surprising was Elizabeth mentioned that I know how to calculate what Sunday will be Easter Sunday.  I don't know what's weirder, that I can't remember to buy milk at the store but remember how Easter Sunday is set or that Elizabeth remembered this factoid about me.  So that you are all in the loop, Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.
A couple mentioned me teaching.  I've taught a lot of classes in church settings.  For every person that likes me as a teacher there are usually two others complaining to someone higher up how they can't stand me as a teacher.  It is what it is.
Several people mentioned my laugh, or me laughing at their jokes.  Here's the scooby.  I'm a wingman.  I cannot tell a story.  Definately cannot tell a joke.  I am not the person you want to invite to your party to liven things up.  BUT I do love being with people who are funny, can tell stories, are everything that I'm not.  You throw the party and invite those people, I'll be there to laugh at them.  It takes both kinds, just doing my job.
Here's a few other facts about me: 
  • I like to be barefoot.  If I have to put on socks and shoes, it's too cold.
  • I like to live in a temperature range of 60-85°  I don't like to be cold and I certainly don't like to be hot.
  • I would rather drive than fly
  • I keep the Dr. Pepper company in business - 10, 2, & 4
  • I am hair handicapped.  I can't fix my hair nice and I can't afford a live-in stylist. 
  • My favorite place to vacation is Lake Powell.
  • My list of things to do, try and see is long enough for 3 lives
  • I am drawn to projects and fix it things.  I'm going with it's a good thing, cause when it comes to people, I'm often able to see through the rough parts to the good parts.
  • I usually always drive faster than the posted speed.
  • I like all kinds of music (except country) including radio-editted rap.
  • I, at 51, recently schooled a 20-something on what the phrase "I'm on a boat" was (see point above)
  • I have had 2 albums in all 5 music formats known in my life (album, 8 track, cassette, CD, mp3) those are Hotel California and Boston. [The Best of Bread came in second.  Never owned that album]
  • I almost got kicked out of being a leader at girls camp for (quietly, ever so quietly) singing the Eagles at our campsite.
  • If only Mo-Tab music is allowed in Heaven, I'm in serious trouble.
  • I read a lot.  But 0 books of fiction. 
  • I am a casual dresser, jeans and t-shirts are as fancy as I get
  • I wear make-up usually on sundays, unless it's the hot part of summer, then I don't even do Sundays.
  • I am amazed when I look at a chart of the Apostles and Nelson and Oaks are near the top.  What the?  Weren't they just called?
  • I have a concealed carry permit
There you have it.  How do you wrap all this up into two or three About Me sentences?

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Pedaling said...

I pack a little heat, as well.
You are awesome!
We have much in common, though I didn't sing at girls camp, I did have a whistle!