Thursday, March 27, 2008

From the Great State of Texas
We had visitors this month! My brother Malcolm, sister-in-law Jennifer, and their two cutie kids Dylan and Caitlyn. It rarely happens that I have visitors from my family so this was way cool. We had plenty of fun times around the house, and they also checked out the tourist parts of Vegas as well.

  • Hoover Dam tour
  • Belagio dancing waters
  • Two nights of walking the strip up and down checking out all the Casinos
  • A sweet 8,000 penney jackpot
  • Shark Reef and Mandalay Bay
  • Rio Buffet
  • Ethel M. Chocolate factory and cactus garden
  • Family dinner at Matt & Ashley's
  • Trip to the 'butterfly' park (Buffalo Dr. and Elkhorn)
  • Blue Man Group show
  • Tour of fire stations (o.k. maybe that's just a fellow firefighter tourist thing to do)

That's quite a bit for 5 days. Dylan and Caitlyn are the same ages as Drew & Charlie so we had the perfect playmates.

Dylan and Drew at the Rio Buffet.

Jennifer, Malcolm & Dylan petting sting rays.

Dylan in front of fish

Malcolm & Jennifer

Jennifer, Malcolm, Rebekah & Caitlyn

Jennifer & Charlie

Drew & Dylan. And the scoop about the table -- Dylan loves to play with the hot wheels cars. He also loved to play with them on the coffee table, (believe me - he's not the first little person visitor that thought that's what the table was for. I guess I really do have a 'grandma' house.) I felt bad asking Dylan to play with the cars on the floor all the time, and didn't want him to remember me as the mean aunt that got after him, so on a whim I decided to turn the table over. Problem solved. Dylan walked in the room, looked at it kind of funny, and played with the cars on the underneath side of the table the rest of the week. I hope it wasn't rude, but to me it was problem solved, he had a surface for the cars, I didn't worry about the top of the table being scratched. Dylan also loves Thomas The Train. I had not watched any train cartoons for 20 years, so it was nice to catch up on the adventures of Thomas the Train. Caitlyn was just trying to decide if she should take a few steps and walk or not.
Thanks for coming Malcolm & Jennifer!


Manders & Taylor said...

Awe that's so cute!! I wanna come out there! What you got goin' on this summer?? I'll have a break from summer school the first couple of weeks of August before school starts back up for fall. I guess I should start saving/planning!

Andrew & Heidi Dixon said...

Sounds like you guys did alot! We've lived here for almost 8 years and I still haven't seen hardly any of those things! I grew up in Texas - where in Texas are they from?

Anonymous said...

That 8000 penny jackpot was pretty sweet... Thanks again for having us-we had a fantastic time!! And for andrew & heidi-Dallas/Ft. Worth area