Saturday, September 30, 2006

I've learned over time that the little things your kids do that annoy you is what you will miss the most when they leave. From the top banister this morning I saw Jenn's purse hanging on the dining room chair. A sure sign that Jenn is home. But Jenn is moving tomorrow. I will probably never see her purse hanging on the chair again, only for brief visits.

Jenn's always been a walk-in-the-front-door-and-drop whatever it is she's toting around. The Redwood house had her backpack in the entryway. At the Phoenix house you would find her backpack at the bottom of the stairs. When she started driving, the backpack stayed in the car more, but her purse found its place on the banister near the kitchen table in the Roxford house. Depending on the sports season - many other bags would join in. Gymnastics, cheer, softball. Always her flip-flops would come off her feet next to her bag. The next morning, she would pick up her bag and go, leaving the previous day's flip-flops behind. By the end of the week, there would be quite a pile of Jenn's shoes and extra things accumulated. Hence the annoyance at this habit of hers.

At this house - the place of honor from the first night has been the chair in the dining room. Monday will be a sad morning when I don't see her purse hanging there.

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Kara said...

What a nice little tribute to Jenn. Don't worry too much though. She'll be sandwiched between you in Las Vegas and us in Tucson. She'll be taken care of if need be.