Thursday, September 21, 2006

David & Rebekah

It's been awhile since we've had a new David and Rebekah picture. They came over for dinner last Sunday, 9/17/06. Rebekah is working at the Venetian as a life guard, which turns into part-time hours in a couple of weeks. She's also working part-time in the evenings with the Blue Man Group show.

She was so dissappointed that Drew wouldn't come jump in her arms and give kisses. Then Scott showed up after a Sunday night missionary good-bye thing and Drew went RUNNING to Scott and his friends. What can I say, Drew thinks he's just one of the big kids. Drew then entertained everyone with his 'lick it and stick it' trick. Gross, I know - but you want to know what goes on around here. Lick it and stick it works with 17 year old boys better than aunts. Who wants a wet slobbery finger in their ear???? I guess Devon was game...

Scott's TBC (The Breakfast Club) came over this morning for breakfast - they must be running low on money, they're usually at IHop or Robertos Taco Shop. TBCis a group of seniors (Scott, Devon Graf, Bryce Pittsenbarger, Ashley Kelly) that don't have a 1st period, and since they're school is on the block schedule, it means that every other day they go to seminary from 6-6:45, and then they don't have school until 8:30, hence time for breakfast out or at somebody's house. Today, it was our house. The controversy lately has been the appointment of a president of TBC. Ashley self-appointed herself. Ashley eats breakfast before seminary with her fam and never orders when they go out, just has water. The boys felt this put her in the category of "groupie" and groupies can't be president. So in a nonviolent coup, Scott ousted Ashley and self-appointed himself as president. Ashley had two bites of eggs today to get out of the groupie category, but the guys still think since she's a girl, she's a groupie. This was the talk of breakfast. If this is the biggest concern going on in these 4's lives, wow, they're doing great. They also were scheming a way for Ashley to get the money together to go on the church history tour with them after graduation. Scott has a great group of friends that he hangs out with. It will be fun to watch them this year.

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Anonymous said...

Does David always do the thumbs up for his pics?
Thanks again for watching Drew we had a nice time at the temple.