Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Pictures From Things That Have Been Going On.

The two babies were here together. Carson on the left, Parker on the right

I am still in the midst of my two-year dog sitting assignment. Approx. 53 days to go. And yes, Scotty, I taught him how to catch a frisbee.

I hung out with these kiddos while Matt and Ashley went to dinner to celebrate their 7 year anniversary. Before the hour was up, I called Parker: Drew-Charl-uh, Parker... same problem, different generation.

Ron got a hair cut. This is my favorite view after a new haircut. I love a clean shaven neck.

Drew and Charlie spent the night during spring break.


Jenn Shields said...

You use to go "Matt-Brad-Jenn-Bek-Scott, you're in there somewhere, get over here." :)

Amanda and Taylor said...

^ Grandpa & Grandma do the same thing too! I love Drew's bubble beard! I used to make a bubble beard when I was little and say I was Santa Clause and go "ho! ho! ho!"