Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carson's Big Day

Carson was blessed today. The meeting was wonderful. Carson is lucky to have such a large family that cares for him. I'll let Jenn put up pictures of the whole group, and the beautiful luncheon she prepared for us. Here's some random shots of Carson's Marx Crew:

Matt, Ashley, Drew, Charlie & Parker
Bekah & David
Matt, Parker & Ron
while the adults ate, the babies slept.


Kara said...

Was it required to wear green and yellow?
Wish we could've been there.

Kim Marx said...

how funny, kara. I hadn't even noticed! I was in blue. But since these were all pictures I was taking, I wasn't in any of them.

Jenn Shields said...

Thanks for everything mom! It turned out great. We love you guys!

Andrew and Heidi said...

Two beautiful grandsons - they will grow up being the best of buddies.

And where do you find a plastic golden egg? I love that idea and will have to remember that for next year.