Friday, June 26, 2009

Me & The King of Pop

Michael Jackson's music has been the background of my life.

Back in the day, he was awesome.

When I was in elementary school, he was on Soul Train and Tiger Beat:

When I was a senior in high school, Ron & I rocked the night away:

Matt & Brad were my Pretty Young Things as little toddlers:

Just this week Bekah was telling me that Britney Spears is coming back to town and she'd really like to go (again...) and my response was, "Why would you want to go see her again, she's so screwed up." And Rebekah said, "Because she's so good."

I know what you mean, Bek. [wow - did I just use all 3 of my names for you in 2 short sentences?] His life was so screwed up, but he was so good.

So here's one last number. It just happens to be what I used to sing to you and your sister when you were babies, and it features your favorite fellow screwed up artist:

I don't care what you say, I liked him.


Kara said...

Yeah, he may have been wacko in his later years, but he had some awesome songs! We used to rock out to his Thriller record (an actual record, not tape or cd) when we were little. Good times, Good memories. RIP, Michael, RIP.

jenn shields said...

Bekah - I want to go to Britney with you!!

Ok mother, I did my rebuttal to a white man that I remember. Not the black man you're mourning.


Jill Johnson said...

I liked him too. I remember being at the skating rink watching Thriller for the first time! I have a memory for every song he sang. From Billy Jean to Black and White! Sniff Sniff.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with your words! This is strange... but I remember when I was 13 my horse had to be put to sleep and I played "She's out of my life" over and over and over!

BTW - Brittney may be good, but on stage together in that video, you could just tell she couldn't hold a candle to his performance.

Lisa said...

The man was a true genius when it came to entertainment, song writing and dancing. And like so many geniuses, he had his demons and a screwy life. I say celebrate the man for his achievements and talents.

However... I will truly mourn (and it will be THE day the music dies) when Bowie decides to check out the spirit world. Or he may not ever leave... he may be an alien, I'm not sure.