Sunday, May 10, 2009


Monday, Kara and Hallie came over for a visit. They were in town for some family events in Kara's family. Just watching Miss Hallie play at our house was so fun. I miss Brad, Kara & Hallie. I loved her little flip-flops, they reminded me she's our girl from Cali. Before long she'll be wearing cut-off capri sweat pants with something printed across her butt and hoodies, just chillin & cool.

She loves reading books and knows her letters.

Hallie sang and stomped the Dinosaur song for us. Something she learned from library reading time. She also played the piano while I played the harp. We make a pretty good duo.

Hallie played with grandpa's mustache.

Saturday was Ashley's Graduation!

Yeah! Mom!

With her parents, Richard & Joleen Hunt who are from Goodyear, AZ

Ashley graduated from the Business College with a degree in Accounting. We are so proud of you Ashley!

Sunday was SCOTTY CALLS HOME day aka Mother's Day

Scott sounded great. He has the inflection in his voice you'd expect from the language down there. He loves his mission president, and wondering what the new president will be like. He's in a little city 10 hours from Belo Horizonte, so he expects to be there for 6 months at least. Everyone from the family met here for his phone call. It was just GREAT to hear his voice. I miss this kid so much, but we are so proud of his willingness to serve. He's loving Brazil, missing American food, speaking Portuguese, and having a great time.
Grandpa Marx had his questions written down. They were some good questions, and I need to talk to him to find out what the answers were!

After The Phone Call, the boys BBQ steaks and we had a wonderful dinner. They surprised me with some thoughtful gifts, Cafe Rio, new shoes (oh, so hard to find in my size), and tickets to see Donny & Marie, and a spa treatment. It was a beautiful Mother's Day. Thank You so much.


Manders & Taylor said...

Good Lord Kim! I read all of the above and below. My goodness! Yeah not fun in the moment but when you look back one day, it will be a tale to tell =)

Andrew and Heidi said...

Sounds like a terrific Mommy's day weekend!!