Friday, November 21, 2008

What's been going on the last 3 weeks?

Bekah, David, and Snuggles are still squatting upstairs in the Scotty wing. David was promoted with BlueMan Group in the video department and no longer edits at chanel 13. Rebekah was hired by the school district and it's kind of complicated to explain what she does. First of all she's considered a long-term substitute since there's a hiring freeze. Secondly she's like a case worker/advocate for deaf students in the district. She visits them at their various schools, makes sure they're where they should be with grades, helps tutor in areas they need help in, and conducts IEPs.

Ron's awesome. He changed all the outside lightbulbs for me. Fixed my Kichenaid mixer that was starting to wobble. Fixed the screen door that came off the track. Installed a dining room light dimmer switch 30 minutes before our party started because I decided at the last minute I needed to be able to dim the lights. That's the short list that I can think of right off that he's taken care of in the last couple of weeks.

I guess you could add changing Jenn's brakes to that short list. Drew was trying to help, he was just getting dirty.

Charlie ***LOVES*** the dogs. Every time she's over she likes Smokey to take her for a ride. Smoking has been feeling older and older lately and mostly now she just sits on top of him as he lays on the floor. She has also mastered playing fetch with Kruger. She throws the tennis ball, he chases after it and brings it back to her.

I drive by this place on Grand Teton all the time that sells produce and eggs. I read an article about them in our newspaper and decided to take the kids to look at pumpkins and turkeys.Good thing Matt came with me, I was too busy with Charlie to notice Drew's head got stuck. Matt must have prior head unsticking experience because he knew just how to twist and tip Drew's head to get it unstuck. Glad the turkeys didn't try to eat him, that might have been tramatic.
One Sunday evening, I had strawberries and koolwhip and was going to get shortcake on Saturday, but never made it to the store. So just before Sunday dinner, I remembered the dipping chocolates I had. Drew had a great time making dessert and was so proud of his final product.

We hosted a High Priest Group social at our house. On the menu: mashed potato bar, little weenies wrapped in bacon cooked in brown sugar, swedish meatballs, crab rangoons, chips and dip, and stuffed mushrooms. It was a lot of fun. I got the game for the evening from HERE. I think that's what made the evening. I thought people would only pass it around once, but the box of questions went around the room several times. It was a fun way to get to know everybody.
That's my update.


Manders & Taylor said...

Dude I was about to send you an email and be like I feel so out of touch with you since you haven't updated recently =( Like I have room to talk... I think I'm just gonna wait till Turkey Day to blog next. It should be exciting. This year we're doing the Chattin's AND the Mitchell's!! I'm excited to go home... it's been 8 months since I've been to DFW!

Jason & D'On Marx said...

I had to laugh out loud with the head sticking picture. Is Drew 'adjusting' himself in the strawberry picture? Hmmm....made me laugh, too.

Audrey Taylor said...

What a lively household! I can't wait to read after the holidays!!

leslie said...

:) that was fun to catch up on what's going on at the marx corner of the world ~ although I do miss the whole actual chatting thing...send loves to everyone ~ seaya!leslie~:)