Monday, May 19, 2008

The Scotty Farewell Tour continues

Week two of the Scotty farewell tour found us in Salt Lake City, Utah. We had a busy few days. The Salt Lake City temple, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, toured Temple Square, found the This is THE Place monument. There are many more and better pictures on Scott's camera, but he has now moved on in his farewell tour to...
Tucson, Arizona.

Scott is hanging out with Brad, Kara, and Hallie and enjoying the sites and sounds of Tucson. This cute little girl will be running around, talking, singing, and have long hair when he gets back!

Week four will have us starting the power shopping for clothes and necessities...probably mixed in with a few visits to his favorite local places one last time.

The 'group' tradition of going to Geisha Steakhouse the weekend before he leaves...well, I might start crying, so I'll end this now.

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Ashley & Matt Marx said...

So sad Scotty is leaving but good to. P.S I got a 92 on my Marketing Plan thanks for the help editing.