Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Duh, finally figured out why the dimples weren't showing up - too much info in the previous blog for it to fit. So I'll throw in a few more pictures on this continuation and hopefully it will flow and make sense!

Here's The Three Little Ones, I know next month they'll be 18 & 20, but they'll always be the Three Little Ones to me.

And for a final picture. I know you've been keeping up with the adventures of The Reorganized Breakfast Club (not headquartered in Ohio) The origianl four had to form a splinter group because so many were interested in calling themselves members and even getting involved in the leadership decisions when they had first period classes - so technically they weren't even members - hence the need for the Reoganized version. Any how- yesterday Ashley brought a guest with her to breakfast. Her crab named Suzie. I only include this because as I took the picture Scott said, "You know you guys are going to end up on the internet now..."

December will bring many more activities. Stay tuned for a report of the snowboarding trip to Salt Lake, another cousin's mission farewell, and Christmas!

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Kara said...

Brad and I watched Cars with our friends son on Thanksgiving. It's a really cute movie. Tell Drew I'll watch it with him when we come for Christmas!