Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To Glee
Or Not To Glee

I'm going out on a limb.

I started reading/hearing about Glee last year. It seemed to be mentioned on blog posts, facebook status'. There were groups gathering to watch it together. "Here's a picture of so-and-so and all of her friends that were over last night to watch Glee." Overhear conversations with people talking about it around me.

What in the world were they talking about and why hadn't I seen it? I finally figured out that it was on Tuesday night. Hello people - Tuesday night is NCIS. I had to turn to trusty ' ol Hulu to figure out what Glee was. I spent a lazy Saturday afternoon getting caught up on all things Glee. Well, not all things, but a few episodes.

Are you kidding me people? All I can say is Thank You that I don't have pre-teen and teenagers right now. I have spent a couple of months now thinking about this show. And what was the hit show that had to get turned on in my house or else they'd (the kids) socially die? Simpsons. Can I tell you how much I hated that show and it didn't get very much play time. Next up: One Tree Hill. It came complete with an opening credits dance on the couch, and lead to this poster being prominantly displayed on a bedroom door in the hallway:
Which is o.k. because I had this prominantly display in the hallway across from it:

So I've been racking my brain to think about the story line of One Tree Hill. From what I can remember it was one of the kids was from a divorced family, a few of the parents were dating. Kids feeling inadequate like they didn't fit in. The sports crowd, the cheerleaders, the geeks. who likes who. Then the later episodes got really fuzzy and I think one couple got married.

So that lead to my next thought: If I can't really remember the plot line after 5 years, did it really effect the kids that much? But then I had to think: Yes. what you bring into your house really affects the kids that much. And it affects your home that much. So Yes, it matters.

Which leads me back to Glee. Take away the toe-tapping song and dance and what do you have? The characters and story lines are unbelievable. Why would a mother who doesn't allow her kids to watch rated R movies, or or is selective about the music lyrics they listen to, or guards the computer against pornography intrusions, all of a sudden allow Glee into their home every week?

I really didn't want to go into detail on the storyline, but it can be found here.

I'm not setting myself up as the poster child for correct media choices. But I am just wondering out loud why so many are praising this show and why no one has spoken up to say that what it represents is flat out wrong.


Darci Buhl said...

I agree! I agree! I really liked the idea of the show at first but now I just stick to listening to the soundtracks. It's a sneaky show, that one. Too bad the storylines aren't better.

Jenn Shields said...

I personally miss my chad.michael.murry.he's.so.fine.poster! And the couch dance was a must.

earlfam said...

The show is very well done, funny and the music is great. So we used to watch it....sort of. We'd watch and then switch the channel when it got too offensive, and then switch back and then switch again. And then when the two cheerleaders propositioned Finn I turned to Brent and said "we're done." He switched channels and it hasn't been on since.

Oh wait that's not true. If we happen to flip by when there's a song on we sometimes stay until the end. But Darci's right, it's libel to sneak right back in if we keep that up.

Which is really too bad because I would enjoy watching a good musical TV show.

Kara said...

that's too bad. you missed a really good episode last night.

Andrew and Heidi said...

Kim we think so much alike! I too wondered what all the hoopla was about - I've never seen the show either. It sounds like I wasn't missing out on anything.