Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Go Parker, Go Parker, Go Parker, Go Parker

Sunday was Parker's blessing. It was a beautiful Sunday (except for the wind).

I pointed the camera at Matt & Jenn to break up the "my son is better than your son" banter.

Ashley did a great job at setting up the buffet for us. All of her brother's and sister's came from Arizona to support them. We missed her missionary parents and Brad & Kara.

I was asked to bring a non-chocolate dessert. I was just staring at these in the car on the way to their house and thought all the swirls looked cool. (I was planning on blue frosting, but I ended up only having red, very red, and pink food coloring. Then orange. what's that all about? I couldn't bring pink cupcakes for Parker, so orange it was)

Drew was so gentlemanly to get Charlie a drink.

Then he snatched a carrot.

Which was impressive because he had all of these wonderful options to choose from.
Once again, while the adults ate, the babies slept. I think we're running out of time to leave these two little ones on the couch though.
Here's the Mr. Chill Parker himself. It's going to be interesting to see how his personality develops. Way to go Matt and Ashley. You have such a beautiful family.

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