Monday, January 19, 2009

No Need to Clean Your Glasses, You Are Seeing Correctly
- - Yes, it's an UPDATE
Here's a quick review of what's been going on.

This is a picture from my birthday dinner that I swiped from Jenn's blog. We're all at Magiano's at the Fashion Show. They gave us the really impressive wine cellar private room. Luxury! The kids did a fantastic job of planning the evening and especially keeping it a secret. After dinner we headed off to see Penn & Teller. As we were walking into the hotel, I leaned over to Ron and told him, "Going to this show is just too much for the kids to have to pay." Jenn heard me and assured me not to worry, "you know I'd give anything for you, mom, even my blood." The kids were just kind of laughing at me. I didn't find out until they got to the ticket booth, they had all given blood in order to get free tickets for my birthday. I just couldn't believe it! So we all enjoyed the show. It was a great way to celebrate the National Family Holiday.

(Thank you, Ashley, for getting the traditional table shot for us.)

Christmas Eve was great. I really enjoy having everyone here for the celebration. On the menu this year:
  • crescent dinner rolls
  • cranberry salad
  • mixed vegetables
  • cheese/garlic mashed potatoes
  • beef wellington
  • pumpkin pie

We enjoyed a quiet evening with our family. We miss Brad & Kara, but luckily Ron & I were able to go down to San Diego and visit with them a couple of days before Christmas.

On the 26th we had the Marx Family Christmas Party. The guest count this year was close to 60. This year we added a family talent show along with dinner. It was great to see what each family did. The menu tonight:

  • Assorted salads
  • green beans and/or brocolli
  • seasoned rice
  • chicken cordon blue

The neices provided some great appetizers and also dessert of cookies and cupcakes.

For New Years Eve we headed off to Armagosa Sand dunes. Ron's car had a great weekend, lasting right up to the last day we were there. An exciting thing happened while there. On day one, on the far side of the dunes from where we were Ron & I came across a little boy who was stuck. We helped dig him out and head him in the right direction just as the rest of his family drove up. We chatted. We sank into the sand. We all dug us out. And that was that. Two days later a knock came at the trailer door. It was the family we had helped before, and in their hand was....MY CAMERA! Yes, the very one I lost while there at Thanksgiving. They found the camera on the far side of the dunes, took out the memory card and put it in their own device. Scrolled through the pictures, and after 60-100 pictures of Drew, Charlie, and Hallie, came across pictures of Ron's car and the dunes during Thanksgiving. They recognized us, and the car, and went through all the campsites out at the dunes looking for us. Can you believe it?! I was thrilled. The camera itself is scratched up and not useable, but I have the memory card back, and closure of the case of the missing camera.

Here's a few pictures of Thanksgiving:

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