Monday, August 13, 2007

More Pictures - I can't wait to go meet Hallie next week. Here are some extra pictures Brad sent to show how small she is.

This grandmother is thankful for cell phones that take pictures! Technology is great. Everything is o.k. with little Hallie, but the doctors are still monitoring Kara's blood pressure. Hopefully they'll be released today - I know Kara would feel much better (and her blood pressure would be lower) if she could get to her own home, hospitals are stressful!
We're looking forward to a new family photo and your updated blog later this week. She's a cutie.


jenn marx said...

the funniest picture definately has to be of her "blanket" aka Brad's basketball shorts. where's that one?

grandma irene said...

I agreee with Kim....she is a cutie....a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!
And, we love the name,
Hallie Elizabeth Marx!!
Love, Grandma Irene & Grandpa Mike