Sunday, August 07, 2005

I've been trying to create this really cute family newsletter to email to family and friends. No original ideas on my part, I was copying Shelly Heward. She was great on sending me to Microsoft online for templates, BUT, most of them were for publisher and I don't have that. Which sent me to my computer discs because why don't I have it. Found the Office program, I have the wazooed out one with everything on it, and the CD case says publisher is available. . ..BUT the case was EMPTY, so I can't just download the publisher program. Which sent me into a cleaning frenzy in my office, Where could this disc possibly be??? So now I've spent another week and a half not sending out this family email newsletter that I really wanted to do. Now Kara sends this cute blog thing, So I think maybe, just maybe this is the answer to what I'm trying to do. Do you think I can figure it out????? Let's see if we can add a picture. Well, kind of. Why didn't the picture go where I was writing? As you can tell - I'm so blog ignorant. Oh, and for a caption on the picture, pretty self-explanitory, Ron drowning Scott at Lake Powell. O.k. small success, This is Rebekah floating at the lake, and you can drag the picture where you want it. Maybe I can get this summer update on
e family done yet. And here's a picture of Scott out dinner with us -- dateless. . .

Well, now, I'll publish this and see if any of this was done right.

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